Visionary Art

Visionary art is that which is born from intuition, heart and soul.

It portrays the world beyond the physical sensory world and steps into the mystical, symbolic, energetic, mythical and transpersonal realms.  The images are inspired by inner visions, dreams and feelings.

The pieces shown here are created in a variety of mixed media, including oil paintings, acrylic paintings, ink, watercolour, pencil and pastel on paper.

Some originals are for sale.  Some images are available as giclee print, sizes and prices on request.

Every work of art embodies the vision of its creator and reveals a facet of the collective mind.  Artists offer the world the pain and beauty of their soul as a gift to open the eyes of and heal the collective.  In order to produce their finest works, artists lose themselves in the energetic flow of creation, become possessed by an art spirit.

Alex Grey

© Jo Voight Visionary Artist 2021

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