Mandalas are the most glorious of all sacred art. They are a quintessential symbol for the self in all its many dimensions and wonderful expressions. By tuning in to your energy and through consultation, I can create for you a beautiful personalised mandala. This hand-painted mandala can then be used as a powerful tool for your meditation, contemplation and self-reflection. The process of painting the mandala is one that takes some weeks. Please email or ring me for more detailed information on the process or to order.

More on Mandalas and Symbols for Meditation

Mandalas can be guides to restoring inner and outer harmony; they symbolise the macrocosm, (that is, the entire vast universe), within the microcosm, (or man). Within us are all the keys to understanding the cosmos if only we know how to read the stories or symbols contained within us. The radiating form of most mandalas indicates the many paths toward the one centre.   The true centred self at peace with the universe may be discovered via a myriad of routes. Mandalas are generally contained within a circle: the shape with no end, no beginning, the ‘eternal circle’ or the ‘wheel of life’. The word ‘mandala’ is Sanskrit for ‘circle’. The circle is the shape of balance, coherence, wholeness. The circle is also symbolic of the cyclic nature of existence; it endlessly and easily turns through the cycles of life. A wheel can appear to be quite still yet can be, in reality, in constant motion. Symbols used in meditations are an extremely powerful way to transcend the mind and logical brain functions. They can provide us with access to deep and valuable insights about ourselves. A symbol also has its own vibrational energy, as do all colours, so in working with symbols and colours in meditation, we can become comfortable with that level of vibration and then absorb it into ourselves, becoming more whole and understanding more aspects of ourselves. Contact me for further information about ordering a personalised mandala.

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