Traditional Christian icons for prayer and contemplation.  By meditating with and contemplating the symbolism of an icon, you absorb the qualities of the image and its mystical significance.  Icons bring a beautiful energy into your life, beautifying and uplifting the space and your soul.

Icons are deliberately stylised.  The saints, archangels and holy beings depicted are beyond human emotion and are in touch with divine love, truth, clarity and wisdom.  Therefore they are generally not intended to portray the usual human emotions, but rather aim for certain qualities.  For example, the image below is the holy angel of silence and stillness.

All icons are created by hand on wooden board with linen and gesso, using egg tempera, pure pigments and pure gold leaf.  Icons can be personally designed and created for you or re-written from existing classical or modern icons.

Contact me for further information on ordering an icon. 

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